Ways to combat Global Warming

Global warming is the increase in the earth's temperature as a result of the green house effect. Certain gases such as Carbon-di-oxide, Nitrous Oxide, and Methane act as the additional blanket around the earth. They allow sun's heat to reach the earth surface and warm up the earth's temperature. Although, it is the natural phenomena occurring on the planet earth. Than with the increase in globalization, deforestation is the another devastating force behind global warming. It is the second main cause of releasing the carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Trees collect the CO2 that we breath and give back oxygen that we breath in. Thus, as the trees dies, it leads to the greater concentration of CO2 into the environment. Global warming is constantly resulting in extreme high temperature of the surface, reduction of snow cover, and rise in the water level.the increasing human activities are significantly contributing to the cause of global warming. And the foremost among them is the clearing of the forests and converting them into the agricultural lands. Than the another threat to the environment is the burning of the fossil fuels by the industries, which forms the layer of the Sulphuric and the Nitric acid into the air. In this way the environment is dealing with some of the very serious problems, which are having its considerable effect on the climate too. So it has become really important to reduce the process of warming as soon as possible. Each one of our effort can save the environment from the serious hazards. Here are some of the simplest ways to slow down the system of global warming:-

Using recyclable products :
Start using recyclable products instead of disposables. By this you can reduce the waste which ultimately leads to global warming. You can buy those products from the market, which ca be reused. However there are methods to recycle certain products such as plastic, glass and aluminum cans, paper and newspapers.

Purchase energy efficient products :
The most efficient way to reduce the global warming is to suggest various measures for the energy conservation. If you are planning to buy a new car choose the one that offers the good gas mileage. Get your car and other vehicles serviced periodically. Than the home energy accounts to biggest cause of global warming. Avoid products that come with the excessive packages, that cannot be recycled. If you save garbage at your house, you can save large amount of carbon-di-oxide annually. Turn off the heaters, air conditioners, coolers when not in use.

Tree plantation :
Grow trees in and around your house to lower down the temperature of your house. Infact tree plantation is the best possible way to combat global warming. They absorb the carbon-di-oxide and gives off oxygen. They also absorb the harmful gases generated by the vehicles.

Reducing pollution :
When you have to cover the shorter distance prefer walking or biking, which saves gasoline and reduces pollution caused by the vehicles. As the main reason for the increase in the global warming is the the gases emitted by the vehicles which has severely damage the ozone layer. And due to this the ultra violet rays and other harmful rays from the sun reaches out the earth causing the problem of global warming. Another way to reduce the air pollution caused by the industries into the atmosphere is to use the low Sulphur fuels instead of fossil fuels. Than there should be strict control on the emission of harmful gases from the industries.